Polices, Forms and Documents

Whole school policies and forms can be found below. 

Whole School Policies 



At DBSJP we believe that all children have a right to be safe, protected from abuse and able to reach their full potential. The primary concern of all staff must be the interests and safety of children. All staff members have a pastoral duty towards children. Due to our day-to-day contact with individual children, we are well placed to observe outward signs of abuse, changes in behaviour or failure to develop.

The needs of children are paramount and underpin all our work. All staff members have a central role in keeping students safe. Staff have a duty in the initial identification of possible abuse and in monitoring the development and progress of children who have been identified as being at risk of significant harm.

We view Child Protection as more than simply acting when suspicions arise or information is revealed. We also have a vital role to play in ensuring children are safe at all times and in preparing children to resist abuse and to become responsible, caring and confident adults.