Russell's teaching career began after he graduated from Oxford with a Primary Education degree along with History specialism. History remains a passion for him both in and out of the classroom. He taught in three contrasting schools in and around his home town. He came to Dubai with his wife and together they have a young daughter who attends DBSJP.

Working in Dubai for ten years, Russell has led assessment and educational technology, along with a range of curriculum subjects including science and social studies. His passions remain assessment and how the effective use of data can support teachers to provide both support and challenge for every child.

More recently, Russell has been exploring how continued professional development should be driven by the teachers and their needs. As part of his ongoing NPQH course, he has been working with the DBSJP leaders and teachers to ensure that they can continue to grow, take risks in their teaching and ultimately provide rich and exciting learning experiences for children.

Russell continues to read educational texts and journals to support his ongoing NPQH, but also to share new ideas and research with the staff across DBSJP.

Outside the school day, Russell likes to run, go to the gym, watch the latest movies at one of Dubai's many cinemas and travel - Thailand being his favourite country!