Vice Principal and Head of Primary


I am a driven and passionate leader who is committed to creating the best school possible for the children in our care.

Graduating from the University of Leeds with a degree in History followed by a PGCE in Primary Education, I began my career in a small Primary school in West Yorkshire, UK. Although my first setting could not be any different in terms of size and location to DBSJP, the lessons I learned in my early years as a teacher have stayed with me throughout my career.

First, that inclusivity is important and valuable for all learners in the classroom. Research has shown that peer-to-peer learning can be more impactful than adult-led learning; this is true in an academic yet also a social and emotional sense, when schools facilitate truly inclusive classrooms where learners can be challenged to thrive in their own way, at their own level.

Second, the importance of community. I am committed to fostering strong relationships with staff, students and parents as we know, through these connections, children’s progress will accelerate. Being connected and feeling ‘part of something’ is a vital in order to feel happy and fulfilled; components which are a necessary foundation for successful learning.

Third, placing a focus on wellbeing- for staff and for students- must be a priority. I believe that wellbeing in its truest sense is when a person feels supported to grow and reach their potential. At DBSJP, we place a heavy emphasis on this for all members of our community, and proudly achieved the Wellbeing for Schools Award in 2022.

I have worked in the UAE for 9 years, first teaching in Abu Dhabi before becoming a founding member of the DBSJP team in 2015, simultaneously starting my leadership journey. At DBSJP, I have been given opportunities to grow and develop through several Middle Leadership roles within Primary and also into Secondary. I have been driven to continue my own learning, and enjoyed being part of Taaleem’s Talent and Succession Programme in 2018-19, as well as completing a Master’s in Education, with a focus on Educational Leadership. Further to this, having completed my own National Professional Qualifications (NPQs), in 2021 I became a facilitator of the NPQs and have relished the opportunity to help aspiring leaders to grow through the programme and also as part of my role of Vice Principal at DBSJP.

Outside of school, I enjoy spending time at the beach and pool with my husband and two young daughters, one of whom also attends DBSJP. I am an avid reader of both educational texts and novels, and love going to the cinema and seeing shows at the Dubai Opera House.