Cultivating student leadership at Dubai British School Jumeirah Park (DBSJP) has been a critical part of our practice for both the primary and secondary students since the opening of the school.

We find it essential to prepare younger generations for their future in a complex and evolving world. We also believe that providing our students with the opportunities to develop and progress their personal leadership skills allows them to perform better in school; foster new friendships and have a broader outlook, all aspects essential for a 21st-century learner.

House Captains

At DBSJP we run a student rewards system that is related to four houses. Every child is assigned a house and can earn House Points for their teams. The house captains are selected at the beginning of each academic year and are responsible for organising events, motivating their team mates and being a great role model for their house.


These students are representatives of our school. Their main duties include showing around visitors and being hosts during such events as parents’ evenings.

School Council

Our School Council is made up of key stage two and key stage three children who work on many projects throughout the year. They are involved in the organisation of charity events such as Pink day and conceived, organised and carried out the school's 'December Challenge', raising money and gifts for our support staff.


This team of students are responsible for maintaining the environment and making sure our school is as eco-friendly as possible. They work with staff to switch off AC and lights as well as making other students aware of their community responsibilities.

Digital Leaders

Our newest set of leaders are responsible for the integration and support of ICT and computing systems within DBSJP. They often support lessons, guiding their peers to being successful in the fast pace digital environment.

Playground Buddies

These children are very important at break times, they help to maintain a happy and safe environment for the students to enjoy. If a child is feeling sad, lonely or just wants to play a different game from their friends - the playground buddies are there to support them.

Student Leadership Project

At DBSJP we have already established many student leadership roles that have become the heartbeat of our school. Many of these young leaders have helped to quickly grow our school into the thriving community it is today.

As we continue to progress, we would like our student leaders to become even more effective within their roles. To allow for this to happen, we have begun to design a student leadership curriculum, assessment system and record of achievement.

We hope that, when integrated, it will make the children more aware of the skills they need to develop to become an effective leader and also to be more aware of the varied opportunities the school offers each student in order to develop these skills.