KHDA Registration Process


When a child has been admitted to a school in Dubai, he or she must be registered with the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) before the joining date.

If your child starts school before you receive your Emirates ID, we still need to register them manually (with a Passport copy) and the transfer certificate, and then parents must submit the Emirates IDs later to update the KHDA system. The processing time for residency visas and Emirates IDs can take up to 4 weeks to get the sponsor's visa followed by another 4 weeks to get a dependent visa and then the Emirates ID. Once the EIDs for parents and students are issued please send the soft copies to [email protected].


For registration, we will need your child’s Emirates ID Copy and one parent’s Emirates ID copy with the parent's email and phone number to register the student's details with KHDA. Please note that the Transfer certificate will also be required. Please send these to our Registrar, Tasnim AlMahdi - [email protected].

If transferring from Local school in the UAE: Students transferring from schools within Dubai, or another Emirates can be registered with the student’s leaving certificate and EIDs copies.


Before a child can be accepted by any school in Dubai, it is the parent’s responsibility to provide a Transfer Certificate (TC) from the child’s previous school, as required by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) . If a Transfer Certificate is not provided, it will not be legally possible to register a child at a school or with the KHDA. 

TRANSFER CERTIFICATE - FROM SCHOOLS IN DUBAI or another Emirates: Transfer certificate is required for all students joining from another school in FS1 and above. The Transfer Certificate will be provided to you by your child's previous school after the transfer Certificate fee is paid.

Transferring from outside of the UAE / another country 

A Transfer Certificate/Letter is required to register students with the KHDA from Year 3 and above only. Please have the following typed on the school’s original letterhead, showing the school’s full name, address, country and telephone number. The certificate must be in English, and it must be signed by the Principal and stamped with the school’s official stamp. Please see the below for details of the attestation required.



Name of student: Date of birth: (dd/mm/yy) Place of birth: Nationality: Last Year / Grade attended: Date of leaving: (dd/mm/yy) Passed and promoted to: Currently in Year / Grade: (if transferring midway through the academic year) Curriculum followed: 12 or 13 Year school system: Signature of Headmaster / Principal/ Director: Name: Signature: Date: (dd/mm/yy) School stamp:

        If the student joins DBSJP from

These signatures/attestations should be included in the transfer certificate: 

  • Another emirate in the UAE or any GCC country 
  • School principal’s signature and school stamp 
  • Attestation by the Educational Authority in that Emirate or attestation by the Ministry of Education in the GCC country 
  • North America, Western Europe, and Australia 
  • Signature of the principal and stamp of the school. 
  • Middle East (excluding the UAE), South and Central America, Asia, Russia and former Russian States, Eastern Europe, Africa, and New Zealand 
  • School principal’s signature and school    stamp 
  • Attestation by the Ministry of Education in the country of origin 
  • Attestation by UAE Consulate or Embassy in the origin country OR by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE