Providing for students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (Students of Determination) 

We have a highly qualified and skilled Inclusion team that work through the graduated response model to identify and remove barriers to learning, ensuring that each student has the opportunity to reach their full potential and participate fully in all aspects of school life.  

Provision includes:  

  • Quality First Teaching which benefits all students by delivering high-quality teaching and learning that is differentiated. With on-going and timely assessments to inform any further provision. 
  • Targeted and small group support for some students who have gaps in learning, or need some extended support to reach age related milestones. 
  • Specialist Support outside of the school’s core provision, either from our dedicated inclusion team or external providers with the expertise to accelerate progress. 

The team is lead by our Director of Inclusion – Whole School  Colette Woolnough.  

To contact her please email:  [email protected]  

We use the information gained from assessment upon entry and identification procedures to determine the type and level of support appropriate for each student, based upon their level of development and need, and then develop personalised individual education plans (IEPs) for all students of determination and ensure they are shared with all adults working with the child. 

We make sure that students of determination are actively supported to participate in the process of learning as they develop their potential, and build relationships with their peers, through social interactions in age-appropriate common learning environments.  


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