Fees for the academic year 2023/24 at Dubai British School Jumeirah Park can be found below. 


Year Groups              


Total Fees AED 2023/24


Term 1  

On or before 01st August 2023 


Term 2     

On or before 01st December 2023


Term 3 

On or before 01st March 2024    


KHDA Factsheets     

Year 1 & 2
AED 59,700
Year 3 & 4               
AED 62,800
Year 5 & 6
AED 66,950
Year 7
AED 72,100
Year 8 to 13
AED 77,250
23,175View Factsheet


Fees for the academic year 2024/25 at Dubai British School Jumeirah Park can be found below. 

Yr groupTotal Annual Tuition fee for AY 2024-2025Term 1Term 2Term 3
  Due on 1st August 2024Due on 1st December 2024Due on 1st March 2025
FS1                    54,080           21,632     16,224     16,224
FS2                    54,080           21,632     16,224     16,224
Year 1                    62,690           25,076     18,807     18,807
Year 2                    62,690           25,076     18,807     18,807
Year 3                    65,940           26,376     19,782     19,782
Year 4                    65,940           26,376     19,782     19,782
Year 5                    70,300           28,120     21,090     21,090
Year 6                    70,300           28,120     21,090     21,090
Year 7                    75,710           30,284     22,713     22,713
Year 8                    81,110           32,444     24,333     24,333
Year 9                    81,110           32,444     24,333     24,333
Year 10                    81,110           32,444     24,333     24,333
Year 11                    81,110           32,444     24,333     24,333
Year 12                    81,110           32,444     24,333     24,333

Sibling Discount 

There is a sibling discount of 10% on tuition fees for the third (youngest) and subsequent child in each family, paying full fees, for the 2023/24 academic year, attending any Taaleem school in Dubai.


Application Fee

A one-time non-refundable non-transferable Application Fee of AED 525 is required to process your child's application. It applies to new students only and includes 5% VAT added as per government regulations.

Registration Fee

Registration Fee AED 4,000 - only for new students. Payment of registration fee secures a place for your child at Dubai British School Jumeirah Park and is credited against Term 1 fees. The deadline for Term 1 fee is 2nd August. To register your child, you are required to pay the registration fees (AED 4,000).

Re-registration Fee

Re-registration Fee of AED 2,000 - for returning students / re-admissions into the following year. This amount is credited against Term 1 fees.

Kindly note that those wishing to transfer to other Taaleem schools will also be required to fill the re-registration form and submit a copy to both schools with the non-refundable deposit paid at the new school.

Please click here to view re-registration FAQs.

KHDA Charges 

For students transferring within Dubai schools, there is a KHDA administration fee of AED 120 for each student. This fee is collected on behalf of the KHDA by the receiving school. 

Tariff for the following KHDA services as stipulated by KHDA:

  • Request for student Education Continuation Certificate for visa renewal (AED 120)
  • Request for student leaving form for the students who are leaving Dubai (AED 120)
  • Request for student transfer between private schools (within the stipulated time frame)-Student transfer (AED 120)
  • Request for student transfer between private schools (after the stipulated time frame)-Student transfer (AED 520)
  • Request for attestation of student certificate or report card (120 AED).
  • Issuance of 'To whomsoever it may concern' certificate for matters related to School – Attestation (AED 120)
  • Issuance of 'To whomsoever it may concern' certificate for matters related to Students - Academic History (AED 120)
  • Request to change student data at the Authority - Student exam grade amendment (AED 120)

In case any of the above services are required, please make payment of the respective amount with our school accounts office before collecting the document listed above.

Payment Terms 

  • Term Fees: A student may not start the academic year unless the first term fee has been paid in full. Payments will be only accepted via cash, credit card or cheque payable in favour of Dubai British School Jumeirah Park. We cannot accept personal cheques for Term 1 fees if given five working days prior to start of the new academic year.
    For the Academic Year 2023/24,Term 1 fees should be paid by 1st August 2023, Term 2 fees should be paid by 1st December 2023 and Term 3 by 1st  March 2024.
  • Registration Fee: Once a seat is offered, a non-refundable Registration Fee of AED 4,000 is required to reserve the seat until full tuition payment is made. This fee is deductible against First Term Tuition Fees.
  • School Reports: according to the Ministry of Education regulations, the school reserves the right to withhold any reports until fees have been paid in full.
  • Final Results: according to the Ministry of Education regulations, the school reserves the right to withhold the final results and abstain from issuing transfer certificates until settlement of all school fees is made.

Payment Options

Payments can be made by cash, credit card, bank transfer or cheque.

Bank Transfers

Please contact Mr Ali Mir, Finance/ Operations Officer at Dubai British School Jumeirah Park, +971 (0)4 552 0247, ext 602 for account details to make bank transfers. All charges are the responsibility of the remitter. When a bank transfer is made, please ensure that all relevant information is added to the transfer form including student name and grade, and confirm transfer by contacting Mr Ali Mir, Finance Officer via telephone +971 (0)4 552 0247 ext 602, or contact Accounts on our Online Contact Form.

Credit Card Payments

We accept MasterCard and Visa only. To pay by card please use the link contained in the invoice received or complete the Credit Card Authorisation form and include a copy of your credit card and a copy of your Emirates ID or Passport.


A company cheque is preferred. In case payment is made by a personal cheque, then the school requires payment at least 3 (three) working days prior to the due date of the invoice. All cheques must be made payable to "Dubai British School Jumeirah Park". A charge of AED 500 will be made for any returned or dishonoured cheque. Post dated cheques are to be lodged for Term 2 at any time in advance of the due date.

Tuition Refund Policy

In the cases of both existing and new students, the registration/re-registration deposit will not be refunded unless there are extenuating circumstances. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, evidence of family/student relocation to another country/emirate or any other unforeseen circumstances. Such cases may be submitted to KHDA for review.

In the case of refund, the school fees will be calculated as follows:

  • Tuition fees paid prior to the beginning of the academic year are refundable and only the registration/ re-registration fees will be deducted.
  • If the student was enrolled in the school for two weeks or less, a month’s fees will be deducted.
  • If the student was enrolled in the school for a period ranging between two weeks and one month, two months’ fees will be deducted.
  • If the student was enrolled in the school for more than a month, the full term’s fees will be deducted.

General conditions:

  • The above refund policy is applicable per term depending on the date of the withdrawal request.
  • The refund will be calculated from the start of the term and the date of the official request by the parent stating the intent of withdrawal and not from the date when the student was absent. Being on the school registrar counts as days in school.
  • Registration or Re-registration deposits are refundable in cases where a school’s quality rating has dropped and students wish to move to a school with a better rating, as stated in the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau report.
  • Book fees are refundable if the student decides to leave the school prior to the beginning of the academic year.
  • Any provisions in any other policies or approvals will be repealed in the event that they contradict this policy.

Please contact our finance team in case of any questions.

e-mail: [email protected]

Call us at: 04-552 0247 Ext: 602


Special Education Needs Students requiring the support of a specialist SEN/EAL/ILSA will be supported by a school in appointing one. Please contact our admissions office for further details.

Exam Fees 

There may be an additional fee for external examinations in Secondary school in line with other private and international schools. The school will inform you of such in advance.