At DBSJP, we are proudly inclusive, meaning that we welcome all children into our community, personalise their learning experience and ensure they exceed their potential, whatever their starting point may be. The diverse cultures in the school give children a fantastic grounding for becoming truly educated individuals who are accepting of those who are different from them, and strong parental partnerships ensure common values are instilled at home and at school.


Happiness is the foundation of learning, and we understand that children must be engaged to be motivated to learn. Our high-quality teachers are experts in designing exceptional experiences, where children are as active as possible and are fully immersed into their thematic learning through strong, cross-curricular links. Theme days, which are interspersed throughout the year, bring learning to life and the children’s understanding is deepened further still through application to real-life experiences.


We have high aspirations for our children and encourage them to have high aspirations for themselves. We support children in developing a sound understanding of their own strengths and where they can learn from others, which heightens their emotional intelligence and levels of self-awareness, standing them in good stead for future years.


Achievements are celebrated at every level, from the children who win regional and international maths, reading, writing and STEM competitions, to those who are stars on the stage and sports field, to those who are developing their life skills. Achievement looks different for everyone, and whilst we support, challenge and guide our children towards Outstanding results at the end of Key Stage 2, the smaller steps of success will also never be forgotten.

Overall, we hope that, by the end of their Primary years, DBSJP children are confident in themselves and their abilities, have the courage to take on challenges they are faced with and are caring and compassionate towards others.

Amy Falhi

Vice Principal/Head of Primary


Primary Leadership Team

Russell Smart

Deputy Head of Primary


Laurie Joiner

Deputy Head of Primary

Megan Pankhurst

Assistant Head of Primary - Inclusion and Wellbeing


Rachel Gibson

Assistant Head of Primary - Teaching and Learning