Below you will find the Senior Leadership Team for Dubai British School. 

Rebecca Coulter

A University of Cambridge graduate, Rebecca began her teaching career in 1999, working initially as Head of Performing Arts at schools in the Southeast of England, before progressing into Sixth Form Leadership. As Director of a Sixth Form with the Inspiration Trust, Sixth Form provision improved significantly under her leadership, gaining recognition as one of the top performing Sixth Forms for progress in the UK. As Vice Principal in an Academy Trust, she was responsible for securing outstanding academic standards, overseeing pastoral care, including child safeguarding, and ensuring high quality teaching and learning in the whole-school context. Since relocating to Dubai in 2016, Rebecca has worked as Assistant Principal in the Kings’ School Group and Vice Principal of Jumeirah College, GEMS flagship UK Curriculum School, before taking the role of Principal Dubai British School Jumeirah Park, a Taaleem school. Responsible for school improvement and leading & managing change, Rebecca has genuine expertise in safeguarding, student personal & social development, leading staff and teacher development, specifically evidence-informed learning, innovation in education pedagogy and curriculum design. She holds the National Professional Qualification for Headship; is a Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching and is also a certified trainer with Infinite Learning and UCL, specialising in senior leadership development.
School Principal

Amy Falhi

I am a driven and passionate leader who is committed to creating the best school possible for the children in our care. Graduating from the University of Leeds with a degree in History followed by a PGCE in Primary Education, I began my career in a small Primary school in West Yorkshire, UK. Although my first setting could not be any different in terms of size and location to DBSJP, the lessons I learned in my early years as a teacher have stayed with me throughout my career. First, that inclusivity is important and valuable for all learners in the classroom. Research has shown that peer-to-peer learning can be more impactful than adult-led learning; this is true in an academic yet also a social and emotional sense, when schools facilitate truly inclusive classrooms where learners can be challenged to thrive in their own way, at their own level. Second, the importance of community. I am committed to fostering strong relationships with staff, students and parents as we know, through these connections, children’s progress will accelerate. Being connected and feeling ‘part of something’ is a vital in order to feel happy and fulfilled; components which are a necessary foundation for successful learning. Third, placing a focus on wellbeing- for staff and for students- must be a priority. I believe that wellbeing in its truest sense is when a person feels supported to grow and reach their potential. At DBSJP, we place a heavy emphasis on this for all members of our community, and proudly achieved the Wellbeing for Schools Award in 2022. I have worked in the UAE for 9 years, first teaching in Abu Dhabi before becoming a founding member of the DBSJP team in 2015, simultaneously starting my leadership journey. At DBSJP, I have been given opportunities to grow and develop through several Middle Leadership roles within Primary and also into Secondary. I have been driven to continue my own learning, and enjoyed being part of Taaleem’s Talent and Succession Programme in 2018-19, as well as completing a Master’s in Education, with a focus on Educational Leadership. Further to this, having completed my own National Professional Qualifications (NPQs), in 2021 I became a facilitator of the NPQs and have relished the opportunity to help aspiring leaders to grow through the programme and also as part of my role of Vice Principal at DBSJP. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time at the beach and pool with my husband and two young daughters, one of whom also attends DBSJP. I am an avid reader of both educational texts and novels, and love going to the cinema and seeing shows at the Dubai Opera House.
Vice Principal/Head of Primary

Russell Smart

Russell's teaching career began after he graduated from Oxford with a Primary Education degree along with History specialism. History remains a passion for him both in and out of the classroom. He taught in three contrasting schools in and around his home town. He came to Dubai with his wife and together they have a young daughter who attends DBSJP. Working in Dubai for ten years, Russell has led assessment and educational technology, along with a range of curriculum subjects including science and social studies. His passions remain assessment and how the effective use of data can support teachers to provide both support and challenge for every child. More recently, Russell has been exploring how continued professional development should be driven by the teachers and their needs. As part of his ongoing NPQH course, he has been working with the DBSJP leaders and teachers to ensure that they can continue to grow, take risks in their teaching and ultimately provide rich and exciting learning experiences for children. Russell continues to read educational texts and journals to support his ongoing NPQH, but also to share new ideas and research with the staff across DBSJP. Outside the school day, Russell likes to run, go to the gym, watch the latest movies at one of Dubai's many cinemas and travel - Thailand being his favourite country!
Deputy Head of Primary

Graeme Malcolm

Coming from a family of teachers, it was always Graeme’s destiny to join the profession; a decision he never regretted for a second! After graduating from Lancaster University with an honours degree in History, he completed my Post Graduate Certificate in Education at Durham University, which is in his native Northeast of England. Graeme began his teaching journey in the UK, before making the decision to move into international education. He spent six years in a premium British international school in Bangkok, before moving to Dubai in 2014. Graeme’s educational philosophy, which resonates closely with the DBS vision of ‘Enjoy, Aspire, Achieve’, is rooted in the belief that everyone in a school community must be encouraged to dream big and be given opportunities to flourish, and this can only happen with a highly personalised approach to learning and pastoral care. If we get this right, there should be nobody left in the shadows. Graeme believes that aspiration and achievement flow naturally from enjoyment. Enjoyment is something we create through our own endeavours (Aristotle called this eudaimonia), which is different from pleasure as this is something that happens to us (Aristotle called this hedonia). It follows then that students will find enjoyment in school if they have a sense of purpose; something they aspire to. Their achievements will flow naturally from that. With this in mind, expect to hear Graeme asking questions like, ‘Tell me, what gets you out of bed on a morning?’ Finally, Graeme is a big believer that strong relationships blossom when we talk to one other, and one of the things he enjoys most about working here in Dubai is the opportunity to chat with students, colleagues and parents from such diverse backgrounds. He can’t help but feel that something important gets lost along the way in the impersonal aspect of an email interaction and he believes we’re stronger when we communicate face to face. With that said, he looks forward to meeting you all face to face.
Head of Secondary

Jen Cruickshank

Jen Cruickshank is originally from Kent and has experience of teaching in both the private and state sector. After returning from a gap year teaching in Australia, she began her undergraduate degree at Manchester Metropolitan University where she studied a BSc in Exercise and Sport Science specialising in Sports Injury and Biomechanics. From there, she went on to study a PGCE in Physical Education at Liverpool John Moores University. Her teaching career began in 2012 at Queens College, a leading “Outstanding” all girls independent school on Harley Street in Central London, where she taught Physical Education and Dance. She moved on to St Anselm’s Catholic School in Kent, at a key part of its journey from ‘Very Good’ to ‘Outstanding’. She was Second in Charge of PE and in charge of all examination PE including GCSE, Alevel and BTEC. This interest in examination PE led her to be a moderator for an examination board. During her time at St Anselm’s Catholic School, she was also the Mental Health and Wellbeing Coordinator and PSHE Lead for Years 7-13. Jen also took on further responsibility as the Head of Performing Arts, before leaving in July 2018. In August 2018, Jen moved to Dubai and joined GEMS FirstPoint School as the Director of Creative Arts with the responsibility the strategic development of Art, Drama, Dance, Photography and Music and whole school events, on the Senior Leadership Team. After the first academic year she moved to the roles of Director of Key Stages 4 and 5 where she held responsibility for the curriculum and pastoral care of students across the key stages. Her wider responsibilities included Subject Line Management, Extra Curricular Activities; planning and delivery across Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5, whole school student wellbeing and the writing of the school timetable. Outside of school Jen has a real passion for leading a healthy lifestyle and being an advocate for your own mental health and wellbeing. She frequently leads workshops and conferences for external bodies such as OxfordAQA on managing staff and student wellbeing and enjoys playing competitive sport in particular rugby and netball. As a leader, she believes that each learner is an exceptional individual and able to reach their full potential by overcoming challenges with a growth mindset and personalised pathway. Her motto of ‘Strive for Success’ is what she promotes through her own teaching and the teams that she leads. She uses this passion and drive to engage students of all backgrounds, cultures and ages to work together to support and celebrate each other’s successes.
Deputy Head of Secondary

Laurie Joiner

After completing her degree in Jewellery and Metal Design at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee, Scotland in 2004, Laurie directed her passion for learning to complete her PGCE in Primary Education. Following this, she taught for 7 years at inner city schools in Dundee, where she spearheaded the use of digital technologies to enhance learning, including games-based projects and blogging. During this time, she completed extensive training in play-based learning and supported families within the communities. Her first international teaching post was at a bilingual school in Mexico, followed by 2 years at a British curriculum school in Qatar, where she completed a certificate in teaching English to non-native speakers and taught in Foundation Stage. She joined DBSJP in 2017 as a Year 1 class teacher, before becoming Year 1 Lead and then Assistant Head of Primary. Laurie recently completed her NPQSL and led the successful roll-out of the M.O.E.’s newly developed MSC curriculum in Primary. This year, Laurie is delighted to take up the post of Deputy Head of Primary at DBSJP and is excited to continue her work throughout the school community.
Assistant Head of Primary

Paul Cuthbert

Paul graduated from Aston University, England with First Class honours in Information-Mathematics. He then completed his PGCE at the University of Birmingham. Paul then spent over 10 years teaching Mathematics at a secondary school in Suffolk. Progressing from a classroom teacher, to second in department and finishing as a Head of Year. In 2018 Paul moved with his wife and son to Dubai to continue teaching Mathematics and take up a role as an Assistant Head teacher responsible for Student Achievement at DBSJP. After three years in the role Paul was promoted to the Senior Leadership Team with a whole school responsibility for assessment and reporting. Away from the classroom Paul loves watching live sport, snorkelling, and spending time with his family through a variety of activities and travelling. Paul’s best moment in teaching always involve the penny drop moments where a student suddenly understands the mathematical concept that is being taught that lesson. He also really enjoys seeing the pride in students faces on results days, especially when they achieve results that they did not think they could get.
Whole School Assistant Head (Assessment and Reporting)

Colette Woolnough​

Colette has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to inclusion and diversity and was recognised by the UKs National College for Teaching and Leadership as a Specialist Leader in Education for SEN in 2016. This passion was first fostered supporting a disabled sister who experienced social and educational exclusion and it has underpinned her passion for inclusion and the right for every child and family to feel part of their local community. Colette has worked within the Special Needs field for over 22 years and headed up provisions in both special schools and mainstream schools in the UK and for the last 5 years here in Dubai. She is delighted to be leading Inclusion across the whole school and ensuring that our youngest students have access to all the scaffolding and support they need to start their learning journey, whilst also equipping our oldest students with the tools they need for their final exams and their next steps. Colette is passionate about lifelong learning, and in addition to her Masters in Education she has gained a number of additional postgratute certificates, including the UK National Award for SEN Co-cordination and Certificate in Psychometiric Assessment and Access Arrangements (CPT3A), and is committed to ensuring that the provision at DBSJP is based upon both best practice and most recent research in the field of equality and diversity.
Director of Inclusion

Nadine Darazi

Nadine graduated in 2002 from Saint–Joseph University in Lebanon with a master’s degree in Arabic Literature. She worked as a primary and secondary teacher for six years after which she moved to Dubai to continue her teaching journey. After nine years of teaching in Dubai, she up took a leadership role for five years within different schools in Dubai. Nadine joined Taaleem Central Office in 2019 and in 2020 she joined DBSJP as the Director of Arabic in addition to leading the Arabic department in the UK curriculum schools. As a parent at JP, and a staff member, she has always had a passion for finding new ways to enhance the love of the Arabic language in students. As a passionate learner of languages, Nadine speaks 3 languages, Arabic, French, and English, and has recently started her journey to explore the Spanish language. She believes that as educators we should always keep learning, and as leaders, we should always find ways to help and support the team enabling them to challenge themselves and think outside the box. According to Nadine, leadership is a privilege, where we should genuinely care about the success of everyone on the team.
Director of Arabic