‘If our values and beliefs are aligned with the values and beliefs of the organization, then we will work harder towards its success. If not, our individual motivation and purpose will suffer, and so will the organization.’

James Kerr, Legacy


We embrace individuality, behave fairly, and provide the same opportunities for all.


We demonstrate strength, grit and resilience to meet our goals.


We care and collaborate to ensure all belong, have a voice, feel valued and are fulfilled.


We are agile risk-takers who demonstrate tenacity when faced with challenge.


We place value in trust which comes from within and our values are reflected in words and actions.


We enthuse others to discover their passions, elevate themselves, continue to grow and exceed their potential.


We strengthen our community through empathy, support and positivity towards each other and our environment.


We are reflective and have exceedingly high expectations of ourselves, others, and our school, celebrating when we succeed.


Learning skills at DBSJP

At DBSJP we believe that people who have high levels of emotional, behavioural and social wellbeing live happy, purposeful and productive lives. Our approach is to develop a learning community which is positive, engaged and connected in line with our school’s vision statement.

Here you can find more information about the different approaches we use to holistically develop each child's academic and social ability. 

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