The URStrong curriculum places focus on the importance of children building strong relationships as research has shown that this is at the heart of wellbeing and learning.

We know that when children are happier they are able to reach their potential and this can come from children making and maintaining positive relationships. The child-friendly vocabulary used throughout the progression of URStrong provides a consistent language for children and adults to use so that children are empowered to manage their own friendships. 

Through URStrong sessions, children learn:

  • The 4 friendship facts: No friendship (or relationship) is perfect, every friendship is different, trust and respect are the two most important qualities of friendship, friendships change....and that's okay
  • How to make friends
  • Emotional literacy and self-regulation
  • How to resolve conflict 
  • How to give a genuine apology
  • How to know the difference between a friendship fires and when someone is mean-on-purpose
  • How to navigate friendships online
  • Friendship boundaries