Nadine graduated in 2002 from Saint–Joseph University in Lebanon with a master’s degree in Arabic Literature. She worked as a primary and secondary teacher for six years after which she moved to Dubai to continue her teaching journey.

After nine years of teaching in Dubai, she up took a leadership role for five years within different schools in Dubai. Nadine joined Taaleem Central Office in 2019 and in 2020 she joined DBSJP as the Director of Arabic in addition to leading the Arabic department in the UK curriculum schools.

As a parent at JP, and a staff member, she has always had a passion for finding new ways to enhance the love of the Arabic language in students. As a passionate learner of languages, Nadine speaks 3 languages, Arabic, French, and English, and has recently started her journey to explore the Spanish language.

She believes that as educators we should always keep learning, and as leaders, we should always find ways to help and support the team enabling them to challenge themselves and think outside the box. According to Nadine, leadership is a privilege, where we should genuinely care about the success of everyone on the team.