Our aim at Dubai British School Jumeirah Park is to provide our Post-16 students with a stimulating, purposeful and balanced curriculum, leading to qualifications that are internationally recognised and accepted as entry requirements for Higher Education.  

At DBSJP there is a wide range of options available with three academic pathways on offer to our Sixth Form students. We offer flexibility for Sixth Form pathways where students can choose a combination of A Levels and BTECs. It is expected that the majority of students will complete the equivalent of three A Levels.

GCSE Advanced Level (A Level)

Students can choose to study three A Level subjects and will undertake all units listed for the stand-alone A Level qualification at the end of Year 13. Students who wish to study more than three subjects will need to have this agreed with the Deputy Head of Secondary.

NB: AS level exams do not count towards the final A Level grade, they are a stand-alone qualification.

BTEC–Level 3 Qualifications

Students can choose to study three BTEC courses. For this academic year, we are looking to offer BTEC Double Award Business (worth two BTEC), Single Award Business, Travel and Tourism, Sports and IT.

The BTEC programme provides a specialist work-related programme of study that covers the key knowledge and practical skills required. It offers flexibility and a choice of emphasis through the specialist units. The qualifications offer an engaging programme for those who are clear about the area of employment that they wish to enter. The courses are practical and vocational and are closely linked to the world of work.

A blended curriculum of A Level and BTEC

Our option blocks are designed so that students may study a combination of A Level and BTEC courses. Students can select two A Levels and one BTEC or one A Level and two BTEC subjects.

All of the above courses allow access to universities in the UK, USA, Canada and elsewhere in the world, however, students are well-advised to ensure their exit qualifications will satisfy higher education requirements for their desired destination.

In line with other International and Independent Schools, subjects will only run with viable student numbers.  The Leadership Team will do their utmost to ensure that students are supported with their first-choice options.

Entry onto Sixth Form study is conditional and therefore dependent upon students obtaining the (I)GCSE grade requirement for that individual subject and the general requirements for A Level courses.

Option Blocks

Students will choose three subjects from the five option blocks: Students wishing to study a combination of four subjects from the blocks below must arrange a meeting with the Deputy Head of Secondary.


Block ABlock BBlock CBlock D
BTEC Business SingleBTEC ScienceBTEC ITBTEC Travel & Tourism
Further MathematicsBTEC Business (Double)EconomicsBTEC Sport
BusinessGraphicsComputer SciencePhotography
Design and TechnologyPsychologyArt & DesignDrama
English LiteratureEnglish LanguageMusicHistory
  BTEC Performing Arts (Double)Spanish
   BTEC Performing Arts (Triple)

Although we aim to provide students with their first choice, of course, we cannot guarantee that all classes/subjects will run and that students will automatically get their first choice of course. It is for this reason that we ask for your reserve course/subject to be identified when submitting your option form.

In addition to academic subjects, all students within the Sixth Form will follow a programme of PSHE, Moral Education & The VESPA Programme of Sixth Form Mindset.

Please download the Sixth Form booklet or get in contact with our Admissions Manager on +971 (0)4 552 0247.