Below you will find the Middle Leadership Team for Dubai British School. 

Megan Pankhurst

Megan began her educational journey with a degree in Primary Education from the University of Roehampton in 2015. She then enhanced her expertise with NPQML and NPQSL qualifications, cementing her dedication to school leadership. Originally from South London, Megan commenced her teaching career there, holding roles such as Head of PE and Head of IT. Her passion for leadership and its power to positively impact students' lives became evident during this time. In 2020, drawn by her aspiration to contribute to international education and her love of adventure, Megan embraced a new challenge by moving to Dubai. In Dubai, Megan's dedication to education achieved milestones. She initially served as Head of Writing, contributing to an 'Outstanding' rating for the English department in our latest KHDA report. Over the last three years, her leadership skills led her to the Primary Leadership Team, where she became Assistant Head of Primary overseeing Wellbeing and Enrichment. Megan believes in the holistic development of students and staff, recognising that genuine happiness and support are key to thriving academically and personally. Her mission extends beyond academics to equip the JP community with essential life skills. Beyond her role, Megan enjoys quality time with friends, staying active at the gym, and exploring new destinations. In conclusion, Megan's commitment to wellbeing, combined with her diverse educational experiences and leadership roles, paints a picture of an educator devoted to nurturing a love of learning and holistic development at DBSJP.
Assistant Head of Primary - Wellbeing and Enrichment

Rachel Gibson

From an early age, Rachel was inspired to be a teacher and follow in the footsteps of her grandfather who taught while she was growing up. Role-playing at weekends with her sister and using her teddies as students, Rachel soon made her dream a reality. Having graduated from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland with a Bachelor of Education degree in 2009, Rachel taught for 7 years in Scotland as a homeroom teacher and took a secondment for a year as a SEND peripatetic teacher, which has become a major passion in Rachel’s career and is most noticeable in her lesson plans, resources and staff training she has done on inclusivity and differentiation. Rachel moved to Dubai in 2016 and joined DBSJP as a Homeroom teacher, shortly after, becoming the Primary Science Lead where her passion for critical thinking, enquiry and student lead learning continued to grow. Rachel completed an NPQML in 2020 on the topic of SEND Knowledge Organisers in science, combining both her passions, and has successfully integrated these across primary as a  learning tool. Rachel gained a Coaching and Mentoring Level 5 Qualification this year and is currently using strategies with her colleagues in Primary and Secondary. Having taught in several schools and year groups, Rachel has a wealth of both teaching and leadership experience. She strongly believes that children succeed when they are happy, nurtured and inspired. As Assistant Head of Teaching and Learning at Dubai British School Jumeirah Park, Rachel endeavours to instil her passion for highly engaging lessons that both challenge and support all learners. She is extremely passionate about supporting all abilities and providing purposeful resources to enable independence and ensure students make progress across all areas of the curriculum.   In Rachel’s spare time, you might catch her shopping in the mall, eating sushi with friends or getting pampered before jetting off to a new country to explore.
Assistant Head of Primary - Teaching and Learning

Emma Walshe

Emma graduated with a degree in Geography from the University of Glasgow in 2012 and then went on to complete a postgraduate degree in Secondary Education from the University of Strathclyde the following year. Since then, Emma has completed her NPQSL (National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership) through University College London. She endeavours, through her practice, to inspire young people and colleagues to continually develop and foster a love of learning. Emma is from Scotland and began her teaching career there before moving to Dubai in 2015 to follow a dream of working in international education. She has worked in three schools in Dubai and moved from a Head of Geography role to the Senior Leadership Team, where over the years she has been responsible for Assessment and Reporting, Key Stage 3 and now Pastoral and Inclusion. When children feel happy and supported with their education they will thrive and achieve success holistically. Emma believes in developing young people in the widest sense, equipping them with the skills and abilities necessary for life in an ever-changing world. When Emma is not working, she enjoys watersports, but particularly sailing, as well as spending time with her husband and friends.
Assistant Head of Secondary - Pastoral

Emran Kashem

Emran graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Warwick. Following this, he completed his PGCE in Secondary Mathematics from the Cass School of Education. Emran then worked at an outstanding school in Essex, UK where he refined his craft as a teacher of Mathematics and developed professionally as Head of Year to see his year group through Key Stage 3. Alongside this, he thoroughly enjoyed being part of the creation and implementation of the Sixth Form curriculum in Mathematics and Further Mathematics. His biggest strength is the connections that he makes with students, parents and staff that he hopes will cultivate creativity, innovation and fulfilment. After moving to Dubai, Emran joined DBSJP as a teacher of Mathematics, he quickly secured the responsibility of Head of Mathematics and through his leadership and attention to detail has supported the department to the fantastic position that it is in now. He then took on the prestigious role of Head of Sixth Form alongside the responsibility of overseeing Pastoral Care in Secondary. This gave him the autonomy to create and shape a new Sixth Form and Pastoral system that filtered down to shape the culture of the school. This year, Emran is excited to add new experiences to his portfolio, focusing on careers and community links.
Assistant Head of Secondary

Hayleigh Ormrod

Hayleigh began her educational journey with a BA Honours degree in English Language and Literature at the University of Liverpool in 2012, followed by a PGCE in Secondary English at Edge Hill University in 2015. Originally from Wigan, Hayleigh commenced her teaching practice in St Helens, cementing her love for her subject and imparting that onto teenagers in her classroom. She quickly progressed initially into a pastoral role, acting as Head of Year 10 and Year 11 for three years. However, her love for English brought her back into a curriculum role where she became the Head of English at Lymm High School, Warrington. In 2021, drawn by her aspiration to contribute to international education and her love of travel and adventure, Hayleigh embraced a new challenge by moving to Dubai, where she became the Head of English at DBSJP. Hayleigh led the department to an 'Outstanding' rating in the school's latest KHDA report, rooted in a fantastic set of GCSE and A Level English results. As a result of this success, her leadership skills led her to the Secondary Leadership Team, where she became Assistant Head of Secondary with responsibility for Teaching and Learning. Hayleigh believes that a teacher's willingness to improve should never stop; to that end, she engages with world-wide pedagogical research that is fundamental to the holistic learning development of students and staff, recognising strategies that are key to thriving in a classroom. She leads staff training to enhance teachers' professional development, to ensure that the students at DBSJP have the best curriculum and educators at their disposal. Outside of school, Hayleigh enjoys reading, spending quality time with her husband and friends, playing netball and travelling to new destinations.
Assistant Head of Secondary

Amelia Gillies

Amelia's academic foundation includes a degree in Chemistry. Committed to enhancing her teaching skills, she furthered her education by obtaining a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Brighton University. This educational background not only honed her pedagogical skills but also equipped her with the knowledge necessary to inspire and engage students effectively. A significant milestone in Amelia's career was achieving a Masters in Educational Leadership from Roehampton University. This advanced degree empowered her with the leadership and management skills required to create a thriving and dynamic educational environment. Amelia's educational ethos is grounded in the belief that every student possesses unique potential. She is deeply committed to providing the support and guidance necessary for each student to flourish academically and personally. Her teaching philosophy centers around creating a classroom atmosphere that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and personal growth. As a passionate educator, Amelia finds immense joy in witnessing students discover their individual pathways to success within the classroom. Amelia thrives on guiding her students through their educational journeys and celebrating their accomplishments, both big and small. Beyond the classroom, Amelia treasures spending quality time with her family and young daughter. This balance between her professional and personal life reflects her dedication to holistic well-being and serves as a testament to her commitment to nurturing the growth and development of those around her.
Secondary Associate Assistant Headteacher

Samantha Evans

Samantha's teaching career spans a decade in the UK, where she specialised in art, graphic design, and photography. She holds an Honours Degree in Fine Art and a Masters in Design from the University of Creative Arts. Her commitment to education led her to serve as a Director of Studies for 10 years, before making her move to Dubai three years ago. Her journey at DBSJP began as the Head of Year 8, progressing to Year 12 and her current role as Head of Sixth Form.   In her current role, Samantha oversees the academic and personal development of Year 12 and 13 students, as well as the comprehensive growth of the Sixth Form. Her key responsibilities include nurturing the Student Senior Leadership Team, empowering them to guide their educational journey and uphold the their vision of Connect, Create, Collaborate.  Beyond her administrative duties, Samantha enjoys the privilege of teaching A-Level and GCSE Photography to the school's exceptionally talented students. With her background in fine art and design, she offers a unique perspective in the classroom, igniting students' creativity and fostering their artistic visions.  Before her relocation to Dubai, Samantha held the position of Director of Studies for 11 years in her hometown of Kent, UK. This experience equipped her with invaluable insights into curriculum development, assessment strategies, and overall academic management, strengthening her belief in the transformative power of education.  As the Head of Year 13 and Sixth Form, Samantha is commitment to cultivating a supportive and inclusive environment where every student can excel academically, emotionally, and socially. She firmly believes that education encompasses more than just academic achievements; it moulds well-rounded individuals prepared to confront the world's challenges with confidence and compassion.  Samantha considers it a privilege to accompany Sixth Form students on their educational journey, dedicated to helping them realise their full potential and achieve their aspirations. Together, they will navigate the challenges of this pivotal year, celebrate their accomplishments, and prepare for a promising future.  Outside of her work, she's an IronMan enthusiast and channels her creativity through painting and design.
Secondary Associate Assistant Headteacher